How The Most Anxious Generation are Fighting Stress

How The Most Anxious Generation are Fighting Stress

Studies show that we are the most anxious generation yet. A record number of people have been diagnosed with anxiety between the year 2000 to now. Who could blame us right? We have lived through a huge recession, terror attacks, ongoing war and the terrifying reality of global warming.

As well as being the most anxious generation to live, we are also the most educated. More people than ever are achieving university and college degrees, which means that a lot of us are currently fighting on the career ladder to get to the top of some pretty impressive fields.

With all the pressure of the world and the challenges that come with simply being alive, there is no wonder why we are all so stressed. Stress is fine in small doses, but when you are constantly exposed to it, it can have detrimental effects on your mental and physical health. In such a dog eat dog world, we can’t really afford to succumb to the feeling of stress, which means that we are all taking steps to avoid it. But, how exactly is the most anxious generation to ever live fighting stress?


A big trend that has really taken the world by storm recently is the introduction of CBD to our diets. CBD is derived from the marijuana plant, which means that it shares a lot of the side effects of marijuana, without having psychoactive results.

CBD has been scientifically proven to help lessen the effects of stress and offer relief to overwhelming feelings of anxiety. CBD has become so popular due to the fact that it can be consumed in so many ways. CBD fits any lifestyle and it is most common for it to be eaten. You may have heard of CBD gummies, which have been making quite an appearance on social media. If you want to try them for yourself, newphaseblends have cbd gummies for sale at an extremely affordable price, so you can see if they work for you.

CBD has also been proven to help fight insomnia, which can actually be a big contributing factor to stress. So if you are someone that battles with insomnia, then it may be worth your interest to look into the magical world of CBD.


Something that you may have noticed if you are a social media user is that more and more people are hitting the gym. We have all started to acknowledge the importance of staying active for your physical health. However, something that you may not know is that exercise can actually be very beneficial to your mental health.

When you exercise, you release a lot of fantastic natural chemicals like adrenaline and endorphins. You may have heard of something called joggers rush, which is a feeling that people get once they complete a run. This feeling is actually all of the great endorphins flooding your body and making you feel good. Due to how many chemicals are released when you exercise, getting in a regular workout can be very beneficial to your mental health and help you work through any stress that you may be experiencing.


You may have noticed that there are more and more people that are becoming attuned with their spirituality. Since Christianity is no longer the norm, people feel much more comfortable exploring spirituality. For many, it has offered some much needed spiritual relief and allows them to process their emotions in a calm and peaceful way. Spirituality encourages you to feel calm and at one with yourself, which we all need sometimes.

An Investigative Report: Is 2022 The Best Year to Sell Your House?

Do you feel like 2022 is the best year to sell your house?

Would you like to learn some info that will help you decide whether or not to sell your property in 2022?

According to experts, the housing market will remain hot in 2022 but competition will somewhat moderate its prices.

The ongoing pandemic is another reason why the housing market is moving due to city dwellers wanting to find space in areas with low population density.

Obviously, there’s more it and I’m here to help you investigate further!

Should You Sell Your House in 2022?

Selling your home in 2022 is probably a good idea while home prices and demand are still plummeting.

It is reckoned that 5.6 million homes are expected to be sold in 2022 with a 13% increase in new home sales.

In other words, the housing market in 2022 is unlikely to crash making it a good time to sell your house.

Another reason for this is the continued lack of inventory – there are not enough homes for sale in the market. Although there has been a slight increase during the past months, housing inventory is at its low compared to the past.

In fact, the housing market is almost 4 million short in terms of meeting the need and demand concept. It is a major real estate obstacle that is less likely to change in 2022.

On the other hand, some experts believe that home value is expected to slow but prices will continue to spiral.

As you can see, home prices will still be aggressive than normal unless homeowners feel the need to bring their homes to the market to avoid foreclosure and rising mortgages.

When is the Best Time to Sell Your House?

So, when is the best time to sell your house?

Generally speaking, the best time to sell your home is around March. And July to maximize your profit!

Putting up your house for sale in March but no less than Labor Day is a wise idea based on historical trends.

Based on data, homes that are listed from March 11 to 18 sold quickly. Also, if you want to sell it for more than the asking price, April 22 is the best time!

Moreover, you should at least aim to list your home before September in time for the family to settle down due to the beginning of the school year.

It is also believed that October is the worst weeks of the year for selling your home as most houses sold within this month are less likely to get their asking price.

Always keep in mind the best time to sell your house depends on the market and the location of your home.

You should keep an eye on the market for quite some time for you to notice the pattern for the best time to sell your home.

Seasonality also affects the ideal time for selling a house – many people believe spring is the best time.

Of course, sell it when you’re ready. There are certain personal factors to consider such as lifestyle changes and financial benefits.

How to Sell Your House Quickly in 2022?

If your decision to sell your home in 2022 is final, here are a few tricks that can help you sell it quickly with profit gain:

  • Choose the right real estate agent. Find a pro to help you sell your house quickly. Be selective when choosing a realtor as you need someone knowledgeable in terms of marketing conditions, prices, and other factors that could affect your home’s selling price.
  • Price your home competitively. Compare your asking price with other similar properties in the area. Be sure to include selling points such as appliances or remodeling just done a few months ago. It is a kind of tactic that can help you convince a buyer quickly.
  • Be flexible when it comes to showing your home to potential buyers. Keep in mind to have an open schedule for viewing the house. You don’t want to destroy the potential buyer’s schedule.
  • Get the house in order. Selling a house requires a lot of work! If you want to save yourself from stress, get the house in order. Make sure everything is clean and the entire house is clutter-free. The aim is to make potential home buyers feel at home as soon as they enter your property.
  • Know the best months to sell your home. Your realtor knows the best time to sell your home. However, you should also perform due diligence to get an idea of the marketing trends.

In Summary

Based on the knowledge of housing experts, the housing market in 2022 will remain hot which means you can still gain profit if you want to sell your home.

Many people are looking to move to low populated areas due to the pandemic which contributes to the rise of housing demand in 2022.

The price of homes will continue to rise despite the slight decrease in value and that shouldn’t stop you from selling your home.

So, if you’re ready for a drastic lifestyle change or if you feel like there is a huge financial benefit to selling your home in 2022, don’t hesitate to put your property on listing!

Do you want to sell your home real quick?

Find a home buying company such as the House Guys! If you’re in Maryland, the House Guys also buy homes from Frederick.

How the UK Is Dealing with its HGV Shortage

How the UK Is Dealing with its HGV Shortage

If you are a UK citizen, something that you have definitely noticed is that our shelves have been a bit bare recently. You may have noticed a lack of meats and a lack of basic things like pasta and cake ingredients. Now, you would have thought with all of this noticeable shortage in stores, people would return to the covid routine of panic buying.

Though we had a few days of people being slightly unsure and picking up extra things just in case, we, fortunately, didn’t revert back to our panic buying ways. The main reason that this was the case is that we quickly learned that we are not dealing with a food shortage at all, we are instead dealing with an HGV shortage.

Now, this does not mean that all of our HGVs have decided to give in and break down all at the same time, as they are perfectly functional, we just don’t have anyone to drive them.

Something that really shook the media was the events that occurred last Christmas within the UK. At the height of the pandemic, there was a lot of horrible uncertainty when it came to the opening and closing of the borders. This meant that one day a country would be available to enter and then the next day it would be closed.

This created an issue when just days before Christmas, the borders to France closed. This meant that a lot of drivers were forced to try and rush back through the border so that they could see their families on Christmas day. Drivers were stranded on roads leading up to the border with no access to facilities and nowhere but their vans to sleep. Some of the more unlucky ones, unfortunately, missed Christmas, which was absolutely devastating.

The events that occurred was a real wake up call that the drivers were being mistreated and many drivers made the decision to leave the industry in pursuit of something much more secure. This means that there was a very sudden decrease in drivers in the country and a lot of companies have struggled due to this.

There has been no sign at all of the people deciding to rejoin the industry and so businesses have had to get a little bit more creative when finding solutions. Here is how the UK is dealing with the current HGV shortage.

  • Retraining Existing Drivers

A way in which businesses have been trying to combat the current shortage is by retraining some of the drivers that they already have. Companies tend to have a lot of drivers that operate forklifts and small vans.

Instead of struggling to re-employ someone to do drive their vans, companies are instead offering some very appealing incentives to try and encourage people to take a promotion. When it comes to things like forklift driving, you don’t really need a professional driver to do that and so if you have someone with the right driving qualification operating the forklift, you are simply wasting the resources that you have.

Because people don’t necessarily need a specific license to be able to operate a forklift, you can replace a lot of the small vehicles that you use with forklifts. If you are someone that is considering making this shift, there are plenty of used electric forklifts for sale online, so you can make the transition easily and without breaking the bank.

  • They are buying local

One of the main reasons that we are so dependent on HGV drivers is because they are willing to travel across countries in order to source the items that we need to sell in our stores. A great way in which companies have been relinquishing this need is by buying locally, locally sourced food and products are much easier to transport through the country and do not require the use of one very large vehicle, as it being local means that having to take a few trips to get the products is much more reasonable.

Shopping locally is very beneficial to our local economy and so making this shift may truly be a benefit in disguise and it may improve the financial security of our company.

Are Vaping Conventions on the Rise: Our Field Report

If you have spent any time in the public,  then it is likely that you have been hit by the scent of bubblegum or similar sweet flavors clouding you as you go about your daily business. This is of course due to the uprising of vaping enthusiasts all around the world.  

Vaping was introduced in the Early 2000s as a solution to help smokers quit their regular cigarettes, as vaping has fewer life-threatening side effects and is much better for your body. Though vaping was simply introduced as a means to quit smoking, it has now become much more than that. These days many people vape, even if they have never smoked in the past.  People love the flavors that you can enjoy when vaping and the freedom to do it wherever they feel like.  

As vaping has become much more popular, which means that there has been the introduction of vaping conventions. This is the case when anything increases in popularity and gains a large fan base, as people want to discuss all of the new things happening in the world of vape and look at what is to come. There have already been a number of small vaping conventions in various places in the world, but as vaping becomes even more popular, are vaping conventions on the rise? 


Increased fan base 

As I have already stated, more people than ever are vaping. In the past, people were quite skeptical when it came to using vapes, as very little was known about their effects and how they influenced our bodies. Now that they have been on the market for almost two decades, people are now far more accepting of them and that is why their fan base has increased dramatically. 

Much like anything that has a large following, there is then a money-making opportunity. If companies feel as though there is a possibility to cash in on something, then they will do it. Holding conventions means that people who share a common interest, vaping, can get together and talk about something that they love. They can also share stories of how they came to start vaping and any tips they may have in terms of flavors or particular brands that they have found to be quite good. Everyone is looking for the chance to make friends and if you are someone that loves to vape, why not make friends with like-minded individuals that love the exact same thing as you.  For example, something that a lot of vapers are discovering is the use of cbd oil within vapes as a means of relaxation, which is something that may not have been previously known unless someone went to a vape convention and shared their discovery with their fellow vapers.  


Advancements in technology 

When vape pens were first introduced, they were small and cigarette-shaped in order to look as similar as possible to a standard cigarette. They were quite compact so that they were as convenient to carry around a pack of cigarettes so that people would choose to pick them up instead of picking up a pack of cigarettes.  

Today, there is not the same approach when it comes to designing vapes and there have been a lot of innovations in terms of battery life. These innovations when it comes to extending the battery life of vapes mean that the barrel of a vape is much bigger than it used to be.  

Vapers prefer their vapes to have bigger barrels as they have found that in the past the thinner versions of the vape have been much easier to drop, which means that they are much easier to break. Vapes can be extremely expensive and so to avoid this being the case, they have continued to make the vapes bigger as the years go on.  

Vaping conventions give vapers a chance to see what to expect from the new vapes in the upcoming years and what they should look out for, It also gives them a chance to voice their opinions on the brand new designs and let the designers know if they think they will be user friendly or simply popular among vapors. 

Breaking Down The Rules for Sponsored Content

Social media has been a blessing and a curse for society. The ability to present ourselves to the world and connect with people from all around the globe is fantastic. It has brought people together and allowed families to share their lives like never before.

But it is undeniable that social media has also become a major detriment in some areas. Many studies have found that prolonged social media use can have negative effects on a persons mental health, due in part to how social media presents a fake ideal of a perfect life. Social media has also been a game-changer in the world of business and marketing. Companies constantly bring in new customers by making use of clever social media marketing tactics. But another trend that has emerged in recent years is Sponsored content. Sometimes called branded content or ghost marketing, sponsored content is something you will most likely be familiar with.

How Sponsored Content Works

There are a few different types of sponsored content out there. The most obvious type is when the influencer or content creator will vocally advertise a product. You may have seen the cheesy Shadow Raid Legends adverts that are everywhere these days. Much to the distaste of a lot of gamers. This content, while annoying, is very straightforward and honest about what it is. You know you are looking at an advertisement.

The other kind is a lot sneaker and, in some places, considered amoral. Ghost marketing. Guerilla marketing. Whatever you know it as. This type of marketing relies on the viewer not being aware they are being marketed too. It can be as simple as a YouTube content creator drinking a can of coke on screen or a fashion vlogger showing their audience a new makeup palette.

The issue with this type of marketing is that it is seen as dishonest. Stealth marketing tricks a person into buying a product through suggestion rather than convincing.

The Rules of Sponsored Content

Since social media and YouTube are both relatively new and still growing, there are not a lot of rules in place concerning the more shady aspects of this new influencer culture we are moving into. Which worked great for advertising companies who could jump in with their new tactics unopposed. But it didn’t take long for people to wise up and demand the rules be changed to ensure companies couldn’t pray on people anymore.

These days more and more people are trying their hand at becoming internet famous. Some go to extreme lengths like pulling outrageous pranks. Other simply play it smart and buy youtube views or Instagram followers. Others simply ride their sponsors to success.

And with so many people turning to the influencer lifestyle, it became necessary to start regulating advertising on these platforms. Starting with the biggest and most obvious change that people were calling for.

The new rules regarding guerilla advertising are simply this. You can’t do it. Instagram led the charge and forced its users to always disclose if any of their content has been sponsored. This goes for anything, even as small as drinking a can of coke. That is, of course, if the creator has been paid. A user is free to advertise for their favorite brands for free if they want and do not have to disclose it. But the moment they accept money from a sponsor, they have to disclose it.

Why We Need the Rules

Many people have been asking why we even need these rules. Stealth advertising is a massive boon to companies and can bring in new customers at a quicker rate than normal advertising methods. But the debate mainly focuses on the ethics of these practices.

On the anti-capitalist side of the argument, many say it is just immoral and only pushes us further into a capitalist society where people are not seen as people but rather money machines to be milked. But even some of the more capitalist-focused people argue that stealth marketing is unfairly weighted for larger companies. No small firm can really afford to sponsor influencers or content creators. And if a large company can stealth market they are going to surpass their smaller competitors with ease.

So, if influencers have to announce their sponsored content it makes it a level playing field. Customers can make a conscious decision to buy into the marketing or not and it allows them to be more brand awareness as well.

New Marketing Tactics

The one constant about the marketing world is how much it changes constantly. With ever new technological innovation and with every new social media platform we are introduced to new ways of marketing. Companies are relentless and will stop at nothing to make a sale.

Since we don’t know what is going to come next in terms of innovation, we can never know what new methods of marketing these companies will come out with. And the same issues will repeat time and time again. They will exploit these new methods until governments and companies decide to implement new rules to stem unethical practices.

Our advice is to always be vigilant online. Remember that social media is fake most of the time. Keep yourself informed and aware and think about your purchases before you make them.

Medical News: The Hospitals Trialing Vapes as a Treatment

Vaping is considered by many to be a harmful pastime that can lead to serious medical conditions in the future, however, when you look at the benefits it can have for full-time smokers who need their nicotine fix it can have a number of positive effects on the body especially when you consider the damage that is done by regular smoking. In my opinion vaping should be used as a means to quit smoking and nothing else, nicotine consumption is highly addictive and shouldn’t be done unless you are trying to gradually wean yourself off smoking by reducing your nicotine intake and switching to an E-cigarette over traditional tobacco.  


It may seem like a strange thought for something as harmful as vaping and smoking E-cigarettes to be recommended for its medical benefits but the fact that most quality E liquids contain significantly less harmful chemicals and substances than what is found in cigarettes you should see a huge improvement to your health if you decide to go ahead with the switch. The end goal for those of you that are trying to quit smoking should be to complete your journey by quitting all nicotine products completely and vaping has the potential to do this as you can slowly reduce the nicotine concentration of the e liquids you are using. As you are in more control of what you are putting into your body when you vape, many medical professionals and institutions have been endorsing vaping as a treatment and means to quit smoking and eventually improve your health and quality of life.  


Doctor Recommendations

 The information from the professionals and those who work in the medical industry is that vaping should be used to help you quit smoking, vaping can still be harmful and it is unnecessary for someone to start vaping if they do not have a prior nicotine addiction. The only people that are going to benefit from using an E-cigarette are those who are currently smoking the more harmful tobacco products and cigarettes.  


Many hospitals are trialing the use of vapes within their premises as well as educating those who need it on how to effectively glower the nicotine concentration of what you are smoking as well as the time frames you should give yourself to do it, this is a very personal thing and can change depending on your situation and how much you are already smoking, so if you are considering making the huge steps in your life to quit smoking permanently I would highly recommend that you speak to your doctor who will be able to advise you on the best methods to do so as well as answering any queries you may have.  


The Importance of Buying a Quality Kit

 If you are a beginner in the vaping world looking to buy your first E-cigarette then one of the most important things to remember is that you should buy a quality kit and E liquids to ensure you are not inhaling any unnecessary substances. If you are unsure whether vaping is for you then it could be a good idea to try a disposable vape to save you some money, with this in mind the common question is raised of ‘what are the best disposable vapes?’ In my opinion, the puff bar is one of the most effective, giving you a clean and tasty smoke that is comparable to the real thing. 


How to Effectively Use Vaping as a Treatment for Quitting

 One of the most important things that the hospitals that are trialing vaping as a treatment want to get out of this new scheme is to educate smokers on how to effectively quit. Quitting smoking is a very difficult task, but one that is worth it if you work hard and make the effort to improve your health and reduce the risk of developing a more serious condition later in life as a result of smoking. One of the most effective ways to use vaping as a treatment for your nicotine addiction would have to be to start off with a higher concentration of e-liquid so that you can curb your cravings effectively, it is my recommendation that you should give yourself a week to transition from traditional smoking to vaping as it can be a very different experience for you.  


When you feel ready and used to vaping you can then begin gradually lowering the concentration of nicotine in the vapes you use, I would recommend that you give yourself a week after you have lowered your dosage to allow your body to get used to the lower amount of nicotine that is being inhaled, if you do this you will find that sticking with your new nicotine-free life is much easier as you have slowly decreased the concentration rather than going cold turkey.  


Medical professionals recommend this method as it is more likely that you will quit for good after doing it, when using other methods to quit smoking it is often the case that people will relapse and turn back to cigarettes which is why it is so important that you seek professional guidance when you are trying to quit. In any case, where you are going through a form of medical treatment such as combatting your nicotine addiction, it is always best to contact an industry professional who can offer guidance that is specific to your mind, body, and overall health.  

How British Columbia is Battling Health Poverty

Unfortunately for some time now, British Columbia has been trapped in a cycle of poverty that they have been unable to escape. British Columbia is one of the most impoverished places in the world and unfortunately has an extremely high mortality rating for this reason. It seems like this area of the world has been forgotten about until recently, as people on social media have been trying to draw attention to the devastating conditions that people who live in British Columbia have had to deal with for so long. 

Now that more attention has been brought to the horrific conditions, other countries are doing what they can to work with British Columbia in order to try and improve their state of living. Here is how British Columbia is battling health poverty.  


Increased employment  

One of the main reasons that people are struggling to get the health care that they need is due to a lack of funds. This is because British Columbia has one of the highest unemployment ratings in the whole world, with many people surviving day to day on what they are able to hunt or grow by themselves.  However, people cannot make their own medications to treat their health problems, so employment is necessary for them to be able to afford the medicine that they need.  

Though they cannot afford to give everyone money in order for them to be able to live, something that they can do is create more business opportunities for the local people. Weed has been legal in Canada for some time now and BC is going to use this fact in order to help with the unemployment issues.  

The plan is to expand on the marijuana companies that are already up and running in BC, as this will give people more of an opportunity to find work. The plan is to open several more marijuana-growing plants within BC so that people with a variety of skills can seek employment.  During the cold months, people who work in gardening spend a lot of time looking for other jobs that do not match their skills or pay as much as a laboring job. By opening up more plants, BC is giving hard-working gardeners the chance to not only utilize their skills but expand them at the same time.  

So next time you are making your way through the 10 strongest indica strains in BC, remember that you are supporting an industry that is well needed during the current health strains BC is experiencing.  

Outsourced support 

One of the biggest issues that British Columbia is facing is a lack of resources. Thanks to the current pandemic, the medical sector is under a lot of strain. Basic sanitary items that are necessary for medical treatment are being used quicker than they can be restocked. On top of this, the hospitals simply don’t have enough room to house all of the people in need of urgent medical care. For this reason, the hospitals are outsourcing the support they need and a lot of the local businesses are more than happy to help. There has been an influx in PPE donations, along with sanitizers and other essential items. Spaces have also been provided free of charge so that doctors and hospitals are able to review the health of their patients without even having to take them into the hospital. These temporary clinics have already taken a lot of the concern that the medical sector had away.  


Though there are steps being made in the right direction, there is still an astounding amount of health poverty being experienced in BC, so it is important that we all do what we can to offer support. 


Is the EU going to Force Weed Legalization in 2022

The legalization of weed is a touchy subject for many with a huge conflict of interest when it comes to the effect this drug can have, many would argue that the health benefits far outweigh the risk of moving onto more harmful substances which is why it has recently come into discussion within the EU. In recent proceedings and meetings by the powers, the possibility of marijuana legalization has come into place meaning that we could see new laws about drug prosecution and retail hitting many European countries in the near future.  

There are a number of benefits that would come with legalizing this mild drug and with the effects of smoking or using marijuana products arguably being less severe than alcohol many people share the opinion that there is no reason why weed should not be legal. A new enterprise would be introduced to many European countries that would provide a lot of wealth to the economy as well as providing jobs for thousands of residents both in retail and manufacturing marijuana and other cannabis products. As of now, it has not been disclosed as to what direction the EU and main powers of authority will go in, there is an argument both for and against legalizing weed so it really could go either way.  

What Does Legalizing Weed Mean For You

If marijuana is successfully legalized within the EU then it would mean that using and buying the drug would no longer be a criminal offense and people who suffer from health issues like sleep deprivation and anxiety would have access to a treatment that could significantly help them. Recreational marijuana use is considered by many to be much less dangerous and unpredictable than the effect alcohol does, raising the question that if we are allowed to drink excessive amounts of alcohol then why can people who prefer to smoke not be allowed to do so as they please. There are laws in place prohibiting the unsafe sale and use of alcohol and those who take part in anti-social behavior as a result of alcohol are punished accordingly. If alcohol can be monitored and the laws surrounding it enforced then there really is no reason why a similar system cannot be put in place to make sure that this recreational drug is respected and monitored to prevent any issues.  

If weed is legalized you will be able to buy the drug from a registered dispensary where you will be able to not only buy the product but also get advice on what weed can do for you and the different types and forms of weed that can be bought or taken. If everything goes well and the laws are successfully passed this will mean that people will have access to a new source of information about weed so that common queries in the weed industry like what is delta 8 thc and how to roll a solid joint can be answered by a professional.  


Benefits of Using Marijuana

As the possibility of being able to legally use marijuana grows I believe it is time to educate those who are not aware of some of the amazing health benefits that using weed can have for your daily life. First of all one of the biggest benefits of using weed would have to be the relief it can bring for anxiety sufferers, the relaxing feeling that smoking or taking marijuana provides can be a huge help in relieving feelings of anxiety and preventing any symptoms from escalating to the point where you are having panic attacks.  

This relaxing feeling is very useful for those of you that suffer from issues with getting to sleep. Lack of sleep can have a huge effect on your health and really affect how productive you are during the day. Many weed users find that smoking weed sends them off to sleep in a more relaxing way so that their quality of sleep is much better, it is crucial to your overall health that your body has the time to rest and you get a quality amount of sleep so if marijuana can help you achieve that it should be considered a positive thing.  


Many people believe that weed can lead people to move onto more serious drugs, although this is true for some people there has been significant research behind the other factors that also play a part in people’s likelihood to take more extreme drugs so there really is the evidence behind the for and against argument in this case. Until the EU and our governments release more information about the steps moving forward it is likely that we will have to wait until the laws are agreed upon and retailers can be set up with specialists to help the public with this new treatment that may become available.   

Why One Research Firm is Predicting Cars will be Obsolete Soon

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, you will be more than aware of the strain that our planet is under due to global warming. For years now there have been warnings about how we are destroying the planet, but until recently all of the warnings have pretty much been ignored.  

 Now we can physically see the way in which global warming is affecting the world, with longer summers and melting of the icebergs, it is hard to deny that we don’t have to make changes now. We have all started to do our bit, but the odd house in a random country remembering to turn off their lights before they go to bed isn’t going to cut it.  

 Something that is an absolute fact is that one of the biggest detriments to the Earth is the use of cars, however many people think that driving is a necessary evil in order to make sure that our world is operating in the best way possible.  However, a research firm now has reason to believe that this is not the case and cars will in fact become obsolete soon, but why do they think this?  


One of the main reasons that this firm believes that people will no longer be using cars is due to the fact that the world, in general, has become much more health-conscious. We realized that as a community we spend a lot of time sitting at desks all day, followed by a lot of time sitting in our cars and driving home. Because of this, many people are choosing to pick alternative travel methods. It’s not like people can choose to just not work at a desk anymore, so it means that the cars have to go.  

People are choosing to walk, bike, or bus instead of driving. The amount of people doing this is only increasing every day and this firm predicts that in the next 50 years, we will all be doing it. 

Costs and Complications  

If you are someone that owns a car, you will be more than aware of just how annoying owning a car can be. You have a long list of costs, that vary from your insurance to just general fuel costs. On top of this, you need to sort out your MOT and do a car history check. Cars are also just extremely unreliable and can break down easily and with very little notice. Because of these reasons, many people believe that they are simply not worth keeping and are choosing to use public transport instead, which works out to be a fraction of the cost and is often much more reliable than your standard car.  

Other travel solutions 

Every year, a brand new travel solution hits the market that is more efficient and much cheaper than your standard car. The world is turning electric, which means there has been an increase in smaller electric vehicles being released into the market. Right now there has been a trend of people using electric scooters and bikes to travel. Previously people had chosen not to use these due to them requiring a lot of effort in order to operate.  With the introduction of electric models, they require a lot less effort to use and so they have regained popularity. 

 There have also been advancements in public transport, such as bullet trains. This means public transport is more efficient than it has ever been. With this, more and more people are choosing to use public transport over cars. 

Examining how 2020 Affected the Various World Markets

Let’s be honest. 2020 hit us all in a way that we would never have expected. What we thought would be a temporary issue that could be quickly dealt with, became a year-long problem that had an impact on almost every aspect of our lives. Though the madness of 2020 has slowly come to an end, the effect that it had on our various world markets hasn’t just disappeared overnight.

In some instances,  certain places in the market have actually been boosted. For example, with most of us being trapped at home, there has been an increase in the use of online shopping platforms. Unfortunately, for the most part, a lot of the world markets that we depend on have been negatively affected. This means that some of the companies that we depend on have unfortunately been forced to close and as well as this, the ones that have managed to survive have had no choice to increase their prices.

With all that is going on in the world, it can be hard to keep on top of the state of all of the world markets. We understand this and so have compiled some information about all of the important markets so that you can get a better idea of what is going on in the world right now.


The housing market

The housing market was one of the markets that took the biggest hit. During the pandemic, people really lost a lot of their income and as a result of this, not many people wanted to purchase a new home and not many people had the means to even if they did want to. Because of this, a lot of homes that had previously been put on the market before the pandemic hit the world,  were left there for months and months. Some people even tried to drastically decrease the price of their homes, but nobody wanted to buy them.

You may be glad to hear that the housing market is starting to get back to how it used to be. As many of us have returned to work, more and more of us have started to regain the financial security that we once had. A lot of the houses that had their prices decreased have remained at that low price, which means that in some areas, buying a home is cheaper than ever.

Due to people being trapped in the same place for such a long time, people have also started to put their houses on the market so that they can move and experience a fresh environment. If this sounds like it relates to how you have been feeling during the lockdown, then it may benefit you to do the same. However, if you wish to do so, you have to consider that the market is highly congested right now. So make sure that you are in a position where you can comfortably sell and ask yourself some of the important housing questions, such as can you sell a house that doesn’t have a gas safety certificate?


The stock market

If you have been keeping up to date with the news recently, then you will see that the stock market has really been going through some things. Now, if you are aware of the Game stop incident, then it can be clear to see that it isn’t necessarily due to the effects of 2020 as to why this has been happening, though arguably the Gamestop incident would have never happened if Reddit users didn’t have so much free time to play with.

In mid-2020, the stock market did however take a massive hit. Many feared that the fall of the stock market was inevitable and we would have to face yet another recession. There were certain companies within the stock market that really felt the brunt of 2020’s pressure, for example, the auto market was really affected. This means companies like Volvo and Ferrari were at risk, as nobody could afford to buy their cars, and people who held stocks were pulling out every day. However, much like other markets, the stock market is slowly but surely returning to its former condition.


Clubs and Pubs

Unfortunately, one part of the economic market that has really taken a hit and shows no immediate sign of recovery is the entertainment market, specifically pubs and clubs. Due to the rules of covid, a lot of these establishments have been required to remain closed in order to protect the general public. Some countries had systems put into place by their governments to ensure that business owners were able to survive 2020, but a lot of these funding programs really didn’t take into account all of the profit that these businesses depend on but were unable to get during covid.

As a way to avoid losing even more money, a lot of these businesses have made the executive decision to close their doors permanently, meaning they won’t even reopen once the pandemic has started to really disappear. Due to the mass loss of this business, the market has really taken a hit and a lot of the businesses that have decided to remain open have been left with a feeling of insecurity as there is no promise that the businesses will survive the pressure of the upcoming months so the market seems as though it will only continue to decline.