Console gaming has been one of the most profitable sections of the entertainment industry for years as console gaming is extremely popular. The first game was only played by around 50,000 people and it was a very simple game. It was developed by Dr. Edward Uhler Condon back in 1940 and it was based on the mathematical game Nim. Since then, console gaming has come a long way, there have been many consoles since, the most current is the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox One, and the PlayStation 5 is so popular that is sold out within minutes of being released. There are many popular console games that have millions of players dedicating hundreds of hours of their lives too. One of the most popular games currently is Fortnite, it is a survival game set in a post-apocalyptic time and has over 12 million players. It is so popular that there are often Fortnite competitions, some of which 1st place will win you upwards of $10 million and there are always new gift codes keeping people interested. After the success of console games such as this, it is surprising that mobile games have now overtaken console gaming. 

How has mobile gaming become so popular?

One of the reasons that it is so surprising that mobile gaming has overtaken console gaming is because console games are often expensive and most mobile games are usually free to download and play. However, most mobile games have more options for in-game purchases, this is a great way that mobile games draw people in, rather than having to fork out £40 at once, people will make smaller purchases but frequently which means mobile games are actually bringing in more money. Console gaming cannot adopt this way of making money as it is heavily criticized already in relation to mobile games and it would be even more negatively received by those who play console games as they are used to making one purchase and having no in-game restrictions. On top of this, Statistica found that at least 21.6% of adults have a smartphone whereas only 15% of adults have a gaming console. This is a really big factor in why mobile gaming has become more popular as there are simply more people who can download and play the games and this allows the mobile game industry to make more in revenue. The quality of mobile gaming has also increased massively in the last few years, a few years ago the graphics of the game couldn’t compete with that of console games but now it is just as good. Mobile games also became more popular when big games, eg Fortnite, were released as mobile games as well as console games. As smartphone quality has improved it has created opportunities for mobile gaming to also improve and now there is a new trend of big games creating mobile versions. 

Gaming Phones

If you’re a big fan of mobile gaming and you prefer it to console gaming, then you’ll be glad to know that the increase in popularity of mobile gaming has led to the development of more gaming phones. These phones will increase the quality of mobile gaming even further and will allow users to really enjoy playing 3D mobile games, these phones have had the most success in Asian countries where mobile gaming has always been popular but they’re growing in popularity here too. The most popular gaming phone on the market right now is the Razer Phone 2 which has fixed the common problems associated with the original Razer Phone.  

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