Loup City is an important county seat of Sherman County located in the central part of Nebraska – United States (in the mid-west). The population of this city was approximately 1029 people according to the census carried out in 2010 by the competent authorities. Loup City is very close to the river “Middle Loup” and about 5 miles from “Sherman Reservoir,” being important tourist frequency sites.

One of the earliest registered settlements in Loup City was made in the early 1870s, and then the city was planned in 1873. This city was designated in 1873 as the seat of “Sherman” county. The name of the city is due to the “Rio Loup.” Loup City was the main scene in the great depression, where various clashes occurred between radicals on the left who were influenced by Mother Bloor.

The radicals of the left clashed with the residents of the area in June 1934, after the different efforts of the communists to organize the workers. These workers belonged to a poultry processor that was important in the city. The completion of today’s “Sherman Reservoir” was in 1963 and added significant tourism to the city and county’s economic base.

Loup City Administration
The city code (FIPS) is 3129470, and the zip code is 68853; both are for those who want to send packages or parcels to the city. If people want to get to contact the administration that is established in Loup City, they can access the coordinates that are currently available.
The city’s mailing address is PO BOX 250 Loup City NE 68853 – United States, and at this time, the city does not have telephones and an e-mail available. The city’s available website is: Www.loupcity.org, and other important administrative information can be found on other websites.

Loup City Geography
Geographic information about the city is important for those who want to travel for tourism in this state. The coordinates of Loup City are: Latitude (41.2766), Longitude (-98.9677), 41 ° 16 ’36” North, 98 ° 58′ 4″ West, and its surface is 242 hectares. This city has an altitude of 632 meters, and its climate is categorized as Humid Continental (Köppen climate classification).

The city of Loup has certain distances (in kilometers) from other major large and important cities in the United States. With New York, the distance is 2098 km, Los Angeles 1889 km, Houston 1320 km, San Antonio 1316 km, and San José 2012 km. On the other hand, Dallas at 964 km, Indianapolis 1097 km, Phoenix 1440 km, Jacksonville at 1975 km, and Philadelphia at 2012 km.

Recreation in Loup City
At Sherman Dam, a 2,845-acre lake with 4,721 acres of land is available. It is a primitive camp with more than 360 sites with no platform. Facilities at this primitive campground include shelters, picnic tables, water, modern restrooms, dumps, four boat ramps, vaulted toilets, and much more. Also, various fish cleaning stations and showers work through coins and concessions.

Bowman Recreation Area (Lake) is located in the west of Loup City, and this is an area with 23 acres adjacent to the Loup River. This incredible green area people can picnic, primitive camp, and fish. On the other hand, Jenners Park was an attractive home to attractions and, at the same time, an important zoo for the city.
Today, Jenners Park is a park that houses a disc golf course, two essential picnic shelters, games for children, and outdoor grills. In this striking park, all the Loup City inhabitants and other nearby cities can have an outdoor recreation area.

Other amazing activities in Loup City
In Loup City, some interesting swimming pools have been built since 2000, and these have fun water slides. These pools have diving boards, basketball hoops, zero-depth entrances, and a mushroom; these, the city’s inhabitants highly recommend these pools. Golf courses are also other activities that people who come to this curious and fun city in the state of Nebraska can enjoy.

A 9-hole course is the ideal option for those who want to have a good time. This golf course has 36 fully mature trees, several ponds, and a stream that will make the game an unforgettable journey and experience. For those who love a sport a little more international and lively, Loup City has Petersen Park Ball Fields, and these are two baseball fields that are recently developed.
These baseball fields are used by the city’s T-ball teams and high school softball teams. The park includes an interesting playground available for the families’ youngest and their enjoyment.

Culture in Loup City
For many years, Loup City has been proclaimed by its former inhabitants as a “Polish Capital of Nebraska” since most of the inhabitants are Polish. People from Poland are the ones who have the most settled and made life in this rich city of Nebraska. “Polish Days” are a community event that is held annually and held every first weekend in June.

In Loup City, there are a wide variety of Catholic churches. The most important is the “Saint Josaphat,” which has important stained glass windows that commemorate the city’s families. These stained glass windows are rescued from the previous church and date from the beginning of the 20th century; any of the churches in this city also represent an important tourist place.

Food places in Loup City
There are various very interesting food places and restaurants in this city where tourists can taste local dishes. The restaurant “Wolf City” is one of the most recommended found on 705 street of the city where everyone can have a pleasant meal. The telephone number of this restaurant is (308) 745-2021, from this contact number anyone can make their reservations for the tables at the premises.

Currently, many restaurants in the city have the capacity and the enthusiasm to welcome all the new tourists who visit Loup. From home cooking, special lunches, and wonderful dinners, all customers who have already passed through this food place are highly recommended by Wolf City restaurants.

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