Do you want to know a charming and quiet place? Must go to Loup City in Nebraska. This city belongs to Sherman County in Nebraska’s state in the United States. By 2010 it had a population of 1029 inhabitants.
Loup City is almost 5 miles away from the Sherman Reservoir and very close to the Middle Loup River. It offers you a lot of parks and recreation sites so that you can spend a few lazy days enjoying outdoor activities.

Among the most prominent places to visit in Loup City is Jenner’s Park, a very attractive place to visit in summer. The popular Sherman Reservoir State Recreation Area offers you cabins, fishing, gardens, and both are perfect for outdoor activities.
Jenner’s Park is an ideal place to go in the summer

From the early 1900s to the early 1940s, it was a zoo served as Nebraska’s center of attraction for playing, meeting, and learning. Brothers Robert and Henry Jenner were originally from England and are the founders of this charming Park.
Henry Jenner had a 7 acre home in Loup City, and over the years, this place was improved and opened to the public as a park for private parties and picnics. Then space was built to dance and enjoy this charming place.

It also has the House of the Mummy, it was built in 1909, and it is a place that reflects the interests of the Jenner brothers, such as Egyptology. In 1912 a theater was added to the Park to celebrate the 4th of July. Since its inception, this Park had a zoo where they had exotic species such as alligators, leopards, bears, monkeys, and many birds.

Some of the cages were works of art, such as the monkey cages, a replica of a Chinese pagoda built-in 1924. Jenner’s Park also had some botanical specialties that were specialized, where they could see a fern. It was built with rocks.
It had trees that provided shade and cooled the Park to feel more comfortable and calm on hot days. It also offered all visitors many activities, games, and attractions. In 1960, the circular swing or ocean wave was added, which could accommodate 40 people while descending and turning.

It also had sports fields where there were croquet fields, horizontal bars, shooting galleries, and a box-ball alley. In the winter season, these amusements were disassembled, and the animals were taken to the winter quarters.
Between 1905 and 1930, it was a popular and important place for the city of Loup. It was considered a highly sought after summer attraction in Nebraska. In 1949 with Robert Jenner’s death, the Park decayed a lot because the brothers, did not manage the place as they got older. By 1942 it was closed.

Today, it is a park that offers many attractions and has a disc golf course, two picnic shelters, outdoor recreation areas, outdoor grills, playgrounds, and much more.

Other attractive places in Loup City

Apart from Jenner’s Park you can find other places that are very prominent and worth visiting, the most popular places are
Sherman Reservoir State Recreation Area

Sherman State Recreation Area is a place that has nearly 3,000 acres of water and about 4,800 acres of land. It is an area that allows you to do any outdoor activity because it offers you modern bathrooms, picnic tables, four boat ramps, cabin rentals, fish cleaning stations, coin-operated showers, vault toilets, landfills. , shelters and more.

The primitive camp offers you 360 sites without planning and is ideal for fish. In the state of Nebraska, it is a popular place to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy with the family.
Fishers can enjoy a very entertaining activity to find walleye, northern pike, fish type, catfish, white bass, etc. Usually, these fishing activities start in March when northern pike can be fished because the waters are not as deep.

For April, fishing in walleye is very popular. On the other hand, white bass fishing is more popular between the two seasons: April-May and mid-summer.
The crappie can catch it in May. You should know that ice fishing for crappie is also a very popular activity. In the summer months, you can catch catfish.

Bowman Recreation Area
This is a 23-acre park located one mile west of the town of Loup in Nebraska. It is near the River Loup and has a lake of almost 20 acres.
You will enjoy picnicking, fishing, outdoor activities, primitive camping, and much more.

Loup City Golf Course
Loup City also offers you a 9-hole golf course located west of the city. It is a golf course with a stream, gardens, mature trees, and several ponds that allow you to enjoy a relaxed and calm day.

It offers its visitors natural landscapes, outdoor spaces that are very pleasant and beautiful for family walks. The golf course is ideal for beginners and experts who want to practice with the family.

Pool of the city of Loup
The Loup City Pool was built in 2000 and features a waterslide, diving board, mushroom, basketball hoop, and a zero-depth entry. It is an ideal place for water activities and swimming in the city.

Petersen Park Ball Fields
This park has two baseball fields that have been recently built. These baseball fields are used by the high school softball and T-ball teams. It is an ideal area to enjoy with family and friends. It has a playground for children to carry out outdoor activities.
As you can see, it is a city that offers a large number of options for visitors and locals to do recreational activities. It is a very comfortable and quiet city for people who want to live in a place to relax.

In Loup City, you can play golf, fish, go boating, bike riding, and do many outdoor activities. It also offers you many places to eat well reputed by city dwellers and tourists. Among the most outstanding restaurants are:

  • Colony Bar & Grill
  • Loup City Diner
  • Steak-Out
  • Fisherman’s Bar
  • Branding Iron Café
  • Bridge Street Bar & Grill

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