In Nebraska, you will find the maximum fun in tourism and specifically in Loup City located in Sherman. This small town in southern Nebraska is great for you to escape from your life routine. If you are looking for a discreet and interesting city in tourism, you have to go to Loup City now and enjoy every corner of it.

In this city of only 20 miles, you can have several types of activities to enjoy alone or as a family. The best thing Loup City can give you is a pleasant, calm environment ready to have fun. You will feel like a child doing many activities in this small Nebraska town just minutes from the hotel where you stay.

It is time for you to know the types of fun activities you can do in Loup City. You must have relevant information about the city and how you can take advantage of your visit. In these activities in the city, you will not have to invest a lot of money; sometimes it will be free.
Among the types of fun activities you can do in the city are:

Golf Games
Loup City has a golf course for you to visit as a family or look for an afternoon of fun. This course has only nine holes where you can prove to be the best in the game. Many professional tournaments have been seen in this field, and if you are lucky, you can see one of them.

Each of the golf course holes is equipped with real grass, trees, and other objects that create a perfect environment. You only have to locate the golf course in the city’s central area, very close to the restaurants. The golf course’s opening hours are from 7 am to 8 pm for you to visit at this time.
You can rent golf carts to tour the entire course and play comfortably on all holes. You will not have to pay anything for this activity, although the carts’ rental is a separate service. You can enjoy golf seven days a week in Loup City if you are a big fan of the sport.

Hikes at Sherman Dam
If you want to enjoy a natural environment in Loup City, you can go to Sherman Dam and enjoy a hike. You will have very interesting tours in this dam and park in its more than 2,000 available acres. The park is surrounded by very long trails that will allow you to enjoy a warm and very safe environment.

There are at least 20 trails to walk in the park or ride a bike if you want quick tours. To enter the Sherman dam and park, you will not have to pay anything, although the services do have costs. Within the park, you will also have at your fingertips other interesting activities such as fishing, camping, etc.
Sherman Dam is in the southern region of Loup City, so you can head to it whenever you like. The park’s hours of operation are from 7 am to 8 pm, although you can also stay after reserving a cabin. You can search online for additional information about the dam, reserve, and other available activities.

Fishing at Sherman Dam
With over 2,000 acres of water that you will have at Sherman Dam, it is the ideal place to fish with your friends. If you visit Loup City, you have to go through this dam and see how good you are fishing. There are many types of fish in the area that you can catch and eat whenever you want inside the dam.

In the Sherman Park facilities, you can rent a boat for a few hours to do the fishing activity. You have to motivate yourself to do this activity with your friends or family and show them how good you are. In fishing, you will be surprised to catch salmon, trout, or very small fish but with a juicy flavor.
The time you can fish within the facilities is unlimited as long as you comply with its rules. The dam states that you must fish for consumption and not for trade outside the park. If you violate the rules, you may be sanctioned at the dam and denied the right to re-enter.

Loup City Community Pool
You can go to the Loup City pool running from 2000 to the present. This pool is large enough to hold more than 500 people and is affordable to enter. You can make an online reservation to enter the pool on the days you are vacationing in Loup City.
Around the pool, you can have picnics, grills, or a family lunch to spend a different day. You can be in the Loup City pool from 8 am to 6 pm where it finally closes its facilities. It is good that you get in touch with this pool’s agents to know its disposition in the next season.

The Loup City pool has a lot of relevant history for you to admire in its available facilities. For more than two decades, this pool has accepted many tourists and citizens of the city, making it very popular. It is a very large pool where you can take a dip after entering through the available slide.

Jenners Park
If you go to Loup City, you have to head to Jenners Park to enjoy many outdoor activities. In this park, you can go camping for adults and enroll your children next to the start. The park also has a zoo that you can visit any day of the week to meet exotic animals.
The park is excellent for you to spend a different moment and an unforgettable vacation within Loup City. This park has affordable prices for you to use its facilities, you have a tour guide and many restaurants. You can be inside the park from 8 am to 10 pm to enjoy all its services.

You can take many pictures together with the animals or the different playgrounds in the park. You can ride the carousel, roller coaster, wheelies, cars, and other games for children and adults. In this park, you will meet many tourists like you who are delighted with your visit to Loup City.

Jenners Park is very similar to the park near Las Vegas, and you can visit it in Loup City. You do not have to forget that the park is in the north of the city so that you can walk from the hotel. You will have the best services for your children, partner, friends and you to enjoy for long hours.

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