If you have ever owned an Apple phone, it is likely that you have experienced your phone starting to slow down as it got older. You may have also noticed that the speed of your phone only continued to decrease as more and more Apple models were released onto the market. For some time, the idea that Apple was purposefully slowing down their older models seemed like an urban myth that everyone pretty much believed. 

In fact, the idea that Apple was slowing down their products was so believable that some of us took the idea to Apple themselves, demanding some sort of answer from the company in regards to the quality of their products. After years of pushing Apple for answers, the company finally came out and admitted to slowing down their products, something that they referred to as ‘forced redundancy patches’.  

Though this was the answer that so many people were looking for, everyone was shocked at the honesty that apple displayed. However, their reasoning behind their actions really didn’t quite cut it. They claimed that they slowed down their previous models so that they could focus all of their energy and resources on the newer models that they had created, which really doesn’t add up considering that they are a multi-billion dollar company. 

Apple fans  

Many of the fans that had been loyal to Apple for the last few years were outraged when they became aware of Apple’s schemes to make some extra money from them. Many of them actually threatened to sue the company, due to the fact that they had spent thousands of their own money purchasing new phones as they believed theirs had broken due to their own neglect and not because of the company.  


Many have even vowed that they will no longer be purchasing products from Apple, as they have experienced a huge betrayal of their trust at the hand of the company. What makes the situation even more scandalous is that Apple has made no promises to stop what they are doing, in fact, they don’t even seem too remorseful about the fact that they have been doing it for a number of years without consequence. 

Many people want to distance their product from the company’s control altogether and so are using tools that can completely remove iCloud. With this, people also want to check out some of their old devices that have just been lying around without use since the phones have started to slow down. Many have also discovered that it is not just the phones that have been a victim of Apple’s forced redundancy patches, in fact, there have been some reports of Macs and even Apple watches deteriorating over time and now everyone knows why. If you want to get back into your old devices and check out whether or not your items have fallen victim to the redundancy patches, you may need to know how to do apple watch activation lock removal in case you have forgotten some of your old passwords.  

What can you do?

If you feel as though some of your products definitely fell victim to forced redundancy, then you may want to seek some sort of compensation. Of course, it would be impossible to try and take on a major corporation like Apple all alone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything at all. Right now there is a petition running that demands that Apple makes up for the money that many of their customers have lost, if this receives enough attention then you could potentially see reimbursements. 


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