For some towns, being recognized as the best place to live can be an active goal for the community to work towards, and leads to improved lives for residents in many of the actively competing towns. This works as a great force of good for local communities in towns, but how did a hamlet in Canada win the best town award? 

Barely (not) a City 

Sherwood Park was founded only a few decades ago in 1955 in Edmonton, Alberta, and has since grown to a population in excess of 70,000 people, meaning it could easily qualify as a city, and is currently the largest hamlet in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World RecordsIt is certainly a city in every way other than legally, boasting a huge industrial sector, all the amenities of your average city, and over $9billion of constructed and planned public works. 

Even after the issue with technicalities, their population could qualify them as a large town, but what exactly could qualify them as the best one in Canada? Strathcona County has stated that it intends to make Sherwood Park Canada’s most liveable community, and it certainly shows in its community progression and throughout the entire settlement.  

With hundreds of miles of beautiful wildland and plenty of well-planned and beautiful modern architecture and thriving art and business sectors, they already have the foundations of a brilliant hamlet, but that won’t stop them from improving! 

We’re all in this together 

The quest to become the best town and the quest to become the most liveable town are to be achieved with the help of the council and the public alike. Citizens do their part by keeping the place clean and pleasant to the best of their ability while out and about and often keep their residences looking lovely inside and out with services like this local house cleaning company in Sherwood Park 

Taking part in public efforts to help out the local wildlife and people is a common pastime in this close-knit community, as is taking part in and helping out with many public festivals and events. The community spirit has been a big part of the hamlet since its inception, and the governance is definitely set on keeping this as an important part of their local culture. 

Economy For the People 

On a grander scale, the Sherwood has an extremely strong economy with plenty of natural resources and industry for the hamlet to exploit, and this wealth filters down directly to the people who make the wealth happen – the people. Attracting investments into its industry and town from outside interests has made it very easy for the government to budget effectively to great applause. 

From Riches to Riches 

Even with the billions invested into the area’s infrastructure and magnificent public works, the tax rates in the area are extremely low and over the last few years tax has risen less than inflation, a very rare phenomenon that is the sign of a healthy community and directly leads into its people being wealthier and happier and more appreciative of the hamlet, meaning they help improve it even further, and a cycle is formed. 

Canada is known for being a huge yet incredibly inviting land, with breath-taking areas of nature everywhere you look and some of the cleanest cities in the world. Even the people of Canada are known as extremely friendly and helpful over the whole country and this shows in all levels from the government to your average Joe, all of this without sacrificing progress and economy. This must make it exceptionally hard to run contests such as the best town award, but in this case, I can certainly see how they managed to win it. 

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