Studies show that we are the most anxious generation yet. A record number of people have been diagnosed with anxiety between the year 2000 to now. Who could blame us right? We have lived through a huge recession, terror attacks, ongoing war and the terrifying reality of global warming.

As well as being the most anxious generation to live, we are also the most educated. More people than ever are achieving university and college degrees, which means that a lot of us are currently fighting on the career ladder to get to the top of some pretty impressive fields.

With all the pressure of the world and the challenges that come with simply being alive, there is no wonder why we are all so stressed. Stress is fine in small doses, but when you are constantly exposed to it, it can have detrimental effects on your mental and physical health. In such a dog eat dog world, we can’t really afford to succumb to the feeling of stress, which means that we are all taking steps to avoid it. But, how exactly is the most anxious generation to ever live fighting stress?


A big trend that has really taken the world by storm recently is the introduction of CBD to our diets. CBD is derived from the marijuana plant, which means that it shares a lot of the side effects of marijuana, without having psychoactive results.

CBD has been scientifically proven to help lessen the effects of stress and offer relief to overwhelming feelings of anxiety. CBD has become so popular due to the fact that it can be consumed in so many ways. CBD fits any lifestyle and it is most common for it to be eaten. You may have heard of CBD gummies, which have been making quite an appearance on social media. If you want to try them for yourself, newphaseblends have cbd gummies for sale at an extremely affordable price, so you can see if they work for you.

CBD has also been proven to help fight insomnia, which can actually be a big contributing factor to stress. So if you are someone that battles with insomnia, then it may be worth your interest to look into the magical world of CBD.


Something that you may have noticed if you are a social media user is that more and more people are hitting the gym. We have all started to acknowledge the importance of staying active for your physical health. However, something that you may not know is that exercise can actually be very beneficial to your mental health.

When you exercise, you release a lot of fantastic natural chemicals like adrenaline and endorphins. You may have heard of something called joggers rush, which is a feeling that people get once they complete a run. This feeling is actually all of the great endorphins flooding your body and making you feel good. Due to how many chemicals are released when you exercise, getting in a regular workout can be very beneficial to your mental health and help you work through any stress that you may be experiencing.


You may have noticed that there are more and more people that are becoming attuned with their spirituality. Since Christianity is no longer the norm, people feel much more comfortable exploring spirituality. For many, it has offered some much needed spiritual relief and allows them to process their emotions in a calm and peaceful way. Spirituality encourages you to feel calm and at one with yourself, which we all need sometimes.

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