If you have spent any time in the public,  then it is likely that you have been hit by the scent of bubblegum or similar sweet flavors clouding you as you go about your daily business. This is of course due to the uprising of vaping enthusiasts all around the world.  

Vaping was introduced in the Early 2000s as a solution to help smokers quit their regular cigarettes, as vaping has fewer life-threatening side effects and is much better for your body. Though vaping was simply introduced as a means to quit smoking, it has now become much more than that. These days many people vape, even if they have never smoked in the past.  People love the flavors that you can enjoy when vaping and the freedom to do it wherever they feel like.  

As vaping has become much more popular, which means that there has been the introduction of vaping conventions. This is the case when anything increases in popularity and gains a large fan base, as people want to discuss all of the new things happening in the world of vape and look at what is to come. There have already been a number of small vaping conventions in various places in the world, but as vaping becomes even more popular, are vaping conventions on the rise? 


Increased fan base 

As I have already stated, more people than ever are vaping. In the past, people were quite skeptical when it came to using vapes, as very little was known about their effects and how they influenced our bodies. Now that they have been on the market for almost two decades, people are now far more accepting of them and that is why their fan base has increased dramatically. 

Much like anything that has a large following, there is then a money-making opportunity. If companies feel as though there is a possibility to cash in on something, then they will do it. Holding conventions means that people who share a common interest, vaping, can get together and talk about something that they love. They can also share stories of how they came to start vaping and any tips they may have in terms of flavors or particular brands that they have found to be quite good. Everyone is looking for the chance to make friends and if you are someone that loves to vape, why not make friends with like-minded individuals that love the exact same thing as you.  For example, something that a lot of vapers are discovering is the use of cbd oil within vapes as a means of relaxation, which is something that may not have been previously known unless someone went to a vape convention and shared their discovery with their fellow vapers.  


Advancements in technology 

When vape pens were first introduced, they were small and cigarette-shaped in order to look as similar as possible to a standard cigarette. They were quite compact so that they were as convenient to carry around a pack of cigarettes so that people would choose to pick them up instead of picking up a pack of cigarettes.  

Today, there is not the same approach when it comes to designing vapes and there have been a lot of innovations in terms of battery life. These innovations when it comes to extending the battery life of vapes mean that the barrel of a vape is much bigger than it used to be.  

Vapers prefer their vapes to have bigger barrels as they have found that in the past the thinner versions of the vape have been much easier to drop, which means that they are much easier to break. Vapes can be extremely expensive and so to avoid this being the case, they have continued to make the vapes bigger as the years go on.  

Vaping conventions give vapers a chance to see what to expect from the new vapes in the upcoming years and what they should look out for, It also gives them a chance to voice their opinions on the brand new designs and let the designers know if they think they will be user friendly or simply popular among vapors. 

If you are someone that operates your business via social media, then you are probably aware of some of the features that you can use that are integrated into the site. These tools are very useful as it means that you can make the most out of your social media accounts. Though the tools that are already integrated into social media accounts are exceptionally useful, there are some limitations on what they can do. Without charging users an excessive amount of money, most social media accounts have to be restrained on what tools they can offer.

For this reason, many other companies have made additional tools that you can add on top of the ones that you already have access to through your social media. These additional tools completely change the way in which you can use your social media accounts. If you are someone that has a busy work schedule and you depend on social media as a part of your job, then these tools may be even more useful for you as they will take care of some of your workloads and make a lot of your daily processes much easier.



If you are someone that has a social media presence and personality, then you may have to constantly keep on top of regular posts in order to interact with your audience. We don’t all have the time to be able to post whenever we need to, which means we could fall behind on our social interactions or updates. Falling behind on your social posts may result in a decrease in interaction between yourself and your followers, which may make you fall behind on any schedule that you have.

Buffer is so useful because you can plan posts weeks or even years ahead of when you want to post them. Say you are a performer or musician and you have a scheduled release date and time for a song. You will be unable to post every update on your social media at the same time, so your fans that tune in on different social media platforms may seem frustrated and betrayed by your dishonesty, which is the last thing that you want. Being able to plan when posts are actually posted will make this a lot easier for you and it will mean that you aren’t scrambling to get everything done in time.

If you are someone that works in marketing or you simply have a social media-based business, then you will be expected to meet certain deadlines and timings. Life can get hectic and it is very likely that you may simply not have the time to post what you needed to for its scheduled date. In order to combat this, you can simply plan ahead and post when you need to. This will mean that you can get work planned and done way ahead of time, which gives you much more time to focus on other things you really need to get done.


World FA

In a very social media-driven world, views are everything.  If you want to achieve social media success then you have to have the views and likes to back it up. If you are someone that is trying to set up a business, then you will be more than aware of just how hard it can be to get your business up and going. A lot of people are often discouraged as soon as their business doesn’t get as much following as they would like, which is the reason why so many social media accounts are left dead on the sites.

Instead of abandoning what you believe to be a failed project, you can instead take steps to make sure that your page stays active. A very common thing that people do in order to ensure that their social media account doesn’t fall dormant is purchase followers and views. As you are starting up your business it can be very difficult to get the following that you would desire straight off the bat, but this can be solved by getting the hype started by getting some views to lure people in. If you are interested in doing this, werfe einen Blick auf Worldfame um schnelle Instagram Views zu kaufen.

Once you purchase some views and followers, your page will begin to look a lot more active. If people stumble across active pages, then they will feel much more likely to join it themselves which will only increase your overall page popularity.



If you are someone that runs multiple social media accounts, then you will know just how frustrating and confusing it can be to have to constantly go between multiple social media accounts throughout the day. Having to download so many social media applications onto your phone and computer can also take up a lot of space that you could be using for other more important things.

Hootsuite cuts out the middleman and saves you a lot of time as it moves all of your social media accounts onto one platform. That means that if there are any new updates or notifications on any of your social media accounts, you don’t have to look between them all in order to look through them. Doing this means that you won’t have to waste your valuable time looking between accounts and instead you can focus on what really matters.

Social media has been a blessing and a curse for society. The ability to present ourselves to the world and connect with people from all around the globe is fantastic. It has brought people together and allowed families to share their lives like never before.

But it is undeniable that social media has also become a major detriment in some areas. Many studies have found that prolonged social media use can have negative effects on a persons mental health, due in part to how social media presents a fake ideal of a perfect life. Social media has also been a game-changer in the world of business and marketing. Companies constantly bring in new customers by making use of clever social media marketing tactics. But another trend that has emerged in recent years is Sponsored content. Sometimes called branded content or ghost marketing, sponsored content is something you will most likely be familiar with.

How Sponsored Content Works

There are a few different types of sponsored content out there. The most obvious type is when the influencer or content creator will vocally advertise a product. You may have seen the cheesy Shadow Raid Legends adverts that are everywhere these days. Much to the distaste of a lot of gamers. This content, while annoying, is very straightforward and honest about what it is. You know you are looking at an advertisement.

The other kind is a lot sneaker and, in some places, considered amoral. Ghost marketing. Guerilla marketing. Whatever you know it as. This type of marketing relies on the viewer not being aware they are being marketed too. It can be as simple as a YouTube content creator drinking a can of coke on screen or a fashion vlogger showing their audience a new makeup palette.

The issue with this type of marketing is that it is seen as dishonest. Stealth marketing tricks a person into buying a product through suggestion rather than convincing.

The Rules of Sponsored Content

Since social media and YouTube are both relatively new and still growing, there are not a lot of rules in place concerning the more shady aspects of this new influencer culture we are moving into. Which worked great for advertising companies who could jump in with their new tactics unopposed. But it didn’t take long for people to wise up and demand the rules be changed to ensure companies couldn’t pray on people anymore.

These days more and more people are trying their hand at becoming internet famous. Some go to extreme lengths like pulling outrageous pranks. Other simply play it smart and buy youtube views or Instagram followers. Others simply ride their sponsors to success.

And with so many people turning to the influencer lifestyle, it became necessary to start regulating advertising on these platforms. Starting with the biggest and most obvious change that people were calling for.

The new rules regarding guerilla advertising are simply this. You can’t do it. Instagram led the charge and forced its users to always disclose if any of their content has been sponsored. This goes for anything, even as small as drinking a can of coke. That is, of course, if the creator has been paid. A user is free to advertise for their favorite brands for free if they want and do not have to disclose it. But the moment they accept money from a sponsor, they have to disclose it.

Why We Need the Rules

Many people have been asking why we even need these rules. Stealth advertising is a massive boon to companies and can bring in new customers at a quicker rate than normal advertising methods. But the debate mainly focuses on the ethics of these practices.

On the anti-capitalist side of the argument, many say it is just immoral and only pushes us further into a capitalist society where people are not seen as people but rather money machines to be milked. But even some of the more capitalist-focused people argue that stealth marketing is unfairly weighted for larger companies. No small firm can really afford to sponsor influencers or content creators. And if a large company can stealth market they are going to surpass their smaller competitors with ease.

So, if influencers have to announce their sponsored content it makes it a level playing field. Customers can make a conscious decision to buy into the marketing or not and it allows them to be more brand awareness as well.

New Marketing Tactics

The one constant about the marketing world is how much it changes constantly. With ever new technological innovation and with every new social media platform we are introduced to new ways of marketing. Companies are relentless and will stop at nothing to make a sale.

Since we don’t know what is going to come next in terms of innovation, we can never know what new methods of marketing these companies will come out with. And the same issues will repeat time and time again. They will exploit these new methods until governments and companies decide to implement new rules to stem unethical practices.

Our advice is to always be vigilant online. Remember that social media is fake most of the time. Keep yourself informed and aware and think about your purchases before you make them.

Any students of prospective students out there know just how difficult it is to secure a place in a good university, it takes lots of hard work from as early as age 14 if you’re aiming for the very top institutions, it takes consistently good results from school and a whole range of extracurricular activities to prove yourself as a worthy candidate to be offered a place at the institution you’re applying to. Finance programs are some of the most competitive courses out there, there are hundreds of applications per 1 place available so it takes a lot of extra work to stand out from the rest. Unluckily for finance students, after you obtain your university place, it doesn’t get easier. Finance is one of the most competitive sectors, getting a job in the finance sector is even harder than obtaining a place at university. Universities want their students to go on to graduate positions related to their degree once they’ve finished, because of this universities will provide students with advice and opportunities over the years of their course. One of the newest things that universities have started to promote and encourage their students to get is their CFA. If you’re not sure what a CFA is or why universities and pushing them, we’ve summed it all up for you below. 


What is a CFA charter and how do you get one?

CFA stands for Chartered Financial Analyst and it is one of the top finance charters out there. Only the top students apply for a CFA as it requires a lot of intelligence, motivation, and determination. Even out of the students that apply, less than half complete the 3 years and obtain their charter. The course is split into 3 modules, these are spread out over 3 years and all end with an exam. These exams are extremely difficult and require upwards of 1000 hours of study time to be successful when you sit them, if you’re currently sitting your level 1 then you should make sure you’ve got the cfa level 1 formula sheet as this is one of the best things to help when you’re revising. Following the completion of these exams, you’ll be worn out as it’s hard work to study for them but unluckily for you, there are still 3 stages left to complete before you’ve obtained your charter. The next stage is to gain work experience, if you can manage it you can do this alongside your studies or as most people so you can take a year after to work in a job that involves decision-making in investment. After this, you’ll need to find the people you were working for or being taught by as you’ll need to find 3 referees to submit a reference. Once this is complete you can finally become a member and you’ll have your CFA charter. 


Why are universities pushing people to get their CFA charter?

Universities are beginning to put much more focus on how important this charter is and are spending more time and effort to encourage their students to obtain one. This is what they’re encouraging most as it is starting to become a requirement in investment firms to have a CFA to be hired. A CFA demonstrates that you have theoretical knowledge, that you have experience applying it, and that you’re a hard worker. These are all the qualities that future employers are looking for and having this charter shows them that you meet all of their requirements. Finance never used to be a difficult sector to find a job in, but following the 2008 recession things got much stricter. Many investment companies realized that a lot of their staff did not have as much knowledge as they should, to prevent a financial disaster from occurring again they realized they needed staff who were more knowledgeable and better trained. If you’ve obtained a CFA then without saying anything potential employers will already know that you have these qualities. Having a CFA is becoming the new standard in investment firms, this is why universities are encouraging students to obtain it as it will help them in getting a job.  


Vaping is considered by many to be a harmful pastime that can lead to serious medical conditions in the future, however, when you look at the benefits it can have for full-time smokers who need their nicotine fix it can have a number of positive effects on the body especially when you consider the damage that is done by regular smoking. In my opinion vaping should be used as a means to quit smoking and nothing else, nicotine consumption is highly addictive and shouldn’t be done unless you are trying to gradually wean yourself off smoking by reducing your nicotine intake and switching to an E-cigarette over traditional tobacco.  


It may seem like a strange thought for something as harmful as vaping and smoking E-cigarettes to be recommended for its medical benefits but the fact that most quality E liquids contain significantly less harmful chemicals and substances than what is found in cigarettes you should see a huge improvement to your health if you decide to go ahead with the switch. The end goal for those of you that are trying to quit smoking should be to complete your journey by quitting all nicotine products completely and vaping has the potential to do this as you can slowly reduce the nicotine concentration of the e liquids you are using. As you are in more control of what you are putting into your body when you vape, many medical professionals and institutions have been endorsing vaping as a treatment and means to quit smoking and eventually improve your health and quality of life.  


Doctor Recommendations

 The information from the professionals and those who work in the medical industry is that vaping should be used to help you quit smoking, vaping can still be harmful and it is unnecessary for someone to start vaping if they do not have a prior nicotine addiction. The only people that are going to benefit from using an E-cigarette are those who are currently smoking the more harmful tobacco products and cigarettes.  


Many hospitals are trialing the use of vapes within their premises as well as educating those who need it on how to effectively glower the nicotine concentration of what you are smoking as well as the time frames you should give yourself to do it, this is a very personal thing and can change depending on your situation and how much you are already smoking, so if you are considering making the huge steps in your life to quit smoking permanently I would highly recommend that you speak to your doctor who will be able to advise you on the best methods to do so as well as answering any queries you may have.  


The Importance of Buying a Quality Kit

 If you are a beginner in the vaping world looking to buy your first E-cigarette then one of the most important things to remember is that you should buy a quality kit and E liquids to ensure you are not inhaling any unnecessary substances. If you are unsure whether vaping is for you then it could be a good idea to try a disposable vape to save you some money, with this in mind the common question is raised of ‘what are the best disposable vapes?’ In my opinion, the puff bar is one of the most effective, giving you a clean and tasty smoke that is comparable to the real thing. 


How to Effectively Use Vaping as a Treatment for Quitting

 One of the most important things that the hospitals that are trialing vaping as a treatment want to get out of this new scheme is to educate smokers on how to effectively quit. Quitting smoking is a very difficult task, but one that is worth it if you work hard and make the effort to improve your health and reduce the risk of developing a more serious condition later in life as a result of smoking. One of the most effective ways to use vaping as a treatment for your nicotine addiction would have to be to start off with a higher concentration of e-liquid so that you can curb your cravings effectively, it is my recommendation that you should give yourself a week to transition from traditional smoking to vaping as it can be a very different experience for you.  


When you feel ready and used to vaping you can then begin gradually lowering the concentration of nicotine in the vapes you use, I would recommend that you give yourself a week after you have lowered your dosage to allow your body to get used to the lower amount of nicotine that is being inhaled, if you do this you will find that sticking with your new nicotine-free life is much easier as you have slowly decreased the concentration rather than going cold turkey.  


Medical professionals recommend this method as it is more likely that you will quit for good after doing it, when using other methods to quit smoking it is often the case that people will relapse and turn back to cigarettes which is why it is so important that you seek professional guidance when you are trying to quit. In any case, where you are going through a form of medical treatment such as combatting your nicotine addiction, it is always best to contact an industry professional who can offer guidance that is specific to your mind, body, and overall health.  

Unfortunately for some time now, British Columbia has been trapped in a cycle of poverty that they have been unable to escape. British Columbia is one of the most impoverished places in the world and unfortunately has an extremely high mortality rating for this reason. It seems like this area of the world has been forgotten about until recently, as people on social media have been trying to draw attention to the devastating conditions that people who live in British Columbia have had to deal with for so long. 

Now that more attention has been brought to the horrific conditions, other countries are doing what they can to work with British Columbia in order to try and improve their state of living. Here is how British Columbia is battling health poverty.  


Increased employment  

One of the main reasons that people are struggling to get the health care that they need is due to a lack of funds. This is because British Columbia has one of the highest unemployment ratings in the whole world, with many people surviving day to day on what they are able to hunt or grow by themselves.  However, people cannot make their own medications to treat their health problems, so employment is necessary for them to be able to afford the medicine that they need.  

Though they cannot afford to give everyone money in order for them to be able to live, something that they can do is create more business opportunities for the local people. Weed has been legal in Canada for some time now and BC is going to use this fact in order to help with the unemployment issues.  

The plan is to expand on the marijuana companies that are already up and running in BC, as this will give people more of an opportunity to find work. The plan is to open several more marijuana-growing plants within BC so that people with a variety of skills can seek employment.  During the cold months, people who work in gardening spend a lot of time looking for other jobs that do not match their skills or pay as much as a laboring job. By opening up more plants, BC is giving hard-working gardeners the chance to not only utilize their skills but expand them at the same time.  

So next time you are making your way through the 10 strongest indica strains in BC, remember that you are supporting an industry that is well needed during the current health strains BC is experiencing.  

Outsourced support 

One of the biggest issues that British Columbia is facing is a lack of resources. Thanks to the current pandemic, the medical sector is under a lot of strain. Basic sanitary items that are necessary for medical treatment are being used quicker than they can be restocked. On top of this, the hospitals simply don’t have enough room to house all of the people in need of urgent medical care. For this reason, the hospitals are outsourcing the support they need and a lot of the local businesses are more than happy to help. There has been an influx in PPE donations, along with sanitizers and other essential items. Spaces have also been provided free of charge so that doctors and hospitals are able to review the health of their patients without even having to take them into the hospital. These temporary clinics have already taken a lot of the concern that the medical sector had away.  


Though there are steps being made in the right direction, there is still an astounding amount of health poverty being experienced in BC, so it is important that we all do what we can to offer support. 


Console gaming has been one of the most profitable sections of the entertainment industry for years as console gaming is extremely popular. The first game was only played by around 50,000 people and it was a very simple game. It was developed by Dr. Edward Uhler Condon back in 1940 and it was based on the mathematical game Nim. Since then, console gaming has come a long way, there have been many consoles since, the most current is the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox One, and the PlayStation 5 is so popular that is sold out within minutes of being released. There are many popular console games that have millions of players dedicating hundreds of hours of their lives too. One of the most popular games currently is Fortnite, it is a survival game set in a post-apocalyptic time and has over 12 million players. It is so popular that there are often Fortnite competitions, some of which 1st place will win you upwards of $10 million and there are always new gift codes keeping people interested. After the success of console games such as this, it is surprising that mobile games have now overtaken console gaming. 

How has mobile gaming become so popular?

One of the reasons that it is so surprising that mobile gaming has overtaken console gaming is because console games are often expensive and most mobile games are usually free to download and play. However, most mobile games have more options for in-game purchases, this is a great way that mobile games draw people in, rather than having to fork out £40 at once, people will make smaller purchases but frequently which means mobile games are actually bringing in more money. Console gaming cannot adopt this way of making money as it is heavily criticized already in relation to mobile games and it would be even more negatively received by those who play console games as they are used to making one purchase and having no in-game restrictions. On top of this, Statistica found that at least 21.6% of adults have a smartphone whereas only 15% of adults have a gaming console. This is a really big factor in why mobile gaming has become more popular as there are simply more people who can download and play the games and this allows the mobile game industry to make more in revenue. The quality of mobile gaming has also increased massively in the last few years, a few years ago the graphics of the game couldn’t compete with that of console games but now it is just as good. Mobile games also became more popular when big games, eg Fortnite, were released as mobile games as well as console games. As smartphone quality has improved it has created opportunities for mobile gaming to also improve and now there is a new trend of big games creating mobile versions. 

Gaming Phones

If you’re a big fan of mobile gaming and you prefer it to console gaming, then you’ll be glad to know that the increase in popularity of mobile gaming has led to the development of more gaming phones. These phones will increase the quality of mobile gaming even further and will allow users to really enjoy playing 3D mobile games, these phones have had the most success in Asian countries where mobile gaming has always been popular but they’re growing in popularity here too. The most popular gaming phone on the market right now is the Razer Phone 2 which has fixed the common problems associated with the original Razer Phone.  

The legalization of weed is a touchy subject for many with a huge conflict of interest when it comes to the effect this drug can have, many would argue that the health benefits far outweigh the risk of moving onto more harmful substances which is why it has recently come into discussion within the EU. In recent proceedings and meetings by the powers, the possibility of marijuana legalization has come into place meaning that we could see new laws about drug prosecution and retail hitting many European countries in the near future.  

There are a number of benefits that would come with legalizing this mild drug and with the effects of smoking or using marijuana products arguably being less severe than alcohol many people share the opinion that there is no reason why weed should not be legal. A new enterprise would be introduced to many European countries that would provide a lot of wealth to the economy as well as providing jobs for thousands of residents both in retail and manufacturing marijuana and other cannabis products. As of now, it has not been disclosed as to what direction the EU and main powers of authority will go in, there is an argument both for and against legalizing weed so it really could go either way.  

What Does Legalizing Weed Mean For You

If marijuana is successfully legalized within the EU then it would mean that using and buying the drug would no longer be a criminal offense and people who suffer from health issues like sleep deprivation and anxiety would have access to a treatment that could significantly help them. Recreational marijuana use is considered by many to be much less dangerous and unpredictable than the effect alcohol does, raising the question that if we are allowed to drink excessive amounts of alcohol then why can people who prefer to smoke not be allowed to do so as they please. There are laws in place prohibiting the unsafe sale and use of alcohol and those who take part in anti-social behavior as a result of alcohol are punished accordingly. If alcohol can be monitored and the laws surrounding it enforced then there really is no reason why a similar system cannot be put in place to make sure that this recreational drug is respected and monitored to prevent any issues.  

If weed is legalized you will be able to buy the drug from a registered dispensary where you will be able to not only buy the product but also get advice on what weed can do for you and the different types and forms of weed that can be bought or taken. If everything goes well and the laws are successfully passed this will mean that people will have access to a new source of information about weed so that common queries in the weed industry like what is delta 8 thc and how to roll a solid joint can be answered by a professional.  


Benefits of Using Marijuana

As the possibility of being able to legally use marijuana grows I believe it is time to educate those who are not aware of some of the amazing health benefits that using weed can have for your daily life. First of all one of the biggest benefits of using weed would have to be the relief it can bring for anxiety sufferers, the relaxing feeling that smoking or taking marijuana provides can be a huge help in relieving feelings of anxiety and preventing any symptoms from escalating to the point where you are having panic attacks.  

This relaxing feeling is very useful for those of you that suffer from issues with getting to sleep. Lack of sleep can have a huge effect on your health and really affect how productive you are during the day. Many weed users find that smoking weed sends them off to sleep in a more relaxing way so that their quality of sleep is much better, it is crucial to your overall health that your body has the time to rest and you get a quality amount of sleep so if marijuana can help you achieve that it should be considered a positive thing.  


Many people believe that weed can lead people to move onto more serious drugs, although this is true for some people there has been significant research behind the other factors that also play a part in people’s likelihood to take more extreme drugs so there really is the evidence behind the for and against argument in this case. Until the EU and our governments release more information about the steps moving forward it is likely that we will have to wait until the laws are agreed upon and retailers can be set up with specialists to help the public with this new treatment that may become available.   

The World Cup is one of the most popular sports tournaments in the world. 32 teams qualify to play in this prestigious competition and the winner becomes the champion of the world. It is one of the highest-viewed sports tournaments with over 800 million fans tuning into games during the last World Cup. The players and their clubs put everything into training for this tournament and every detail matters, not only do players have to be at their peak physical fitness but managers will look at every detail down to reading the top list of goalkeeper’s gloves to ensure their goalie has the best kit available. Every small detail such as this is important as the team as a whole has to be at the top of their performance to succeed in the World Cup. Where the World Cup has hosted changes every time, it’s a great event to host as it brings in lots of money to the economy of the hosting country. The next World Cup is in 2022 and it’s set to be hosted in Qatar, this has been a very controversial decision and many people are opposed to it. 

The Climate

Qatar is located in the middle east and it is compromised of many deserts. This means that the temperatures would be much higher than many players are used to, the average temperature in the summer is 113 F, these temperatures would be unbearable for thousands of fans and it would affect the performance of any western teams who would not be used to the high temperatures. This could even be dangerous for players as they will be at a high risk of dehydration, but FIFA has not interfered and recommended players to drink more water to prevent this. 


In Qatar, being a homosexual is illegal. This is one of the main reasons why people are so opposed to the World Cup being held there. Many fans and players and openly homosexual and putting them in a position where they must be in a country that has banned it is unfair. The loudest opposition to the games being held here says that homophobia should never be tolerated, and people should not support a country that has such outdated laws. Again, FIFA has not got involved and has made no comments about this law. 

Workers’ Rights

After Qatar won the bid for the 2022 World Cup, they got started straight away on constructing stadiums for the games to be held in. Unfortunately, during this construction workers have not been given the same rights as we are used to and over 400 Nepalese migrant workers have died whilst working. These workers are being forced to work in dreary and dangerous conditions and there isn’t enough safety in place for them. Whilst Qatar has made a statement on this there is no way to tell if they’ll stick to their promises for increased safety for the workers and too many lives have already been lost. FIFA has again not got involved in this issue. 

Football Infrastructure

Unlike countries like England which already have lots of stadiums as they host the English Premier League, football is not popular in Qatar so there is nothing in place already that will be able to cope with a tournament as big as the World Cup. It will cost Qatar around $220 billion to get prepared for the World Cup so there is a chance they will not be finished by 2022. The main city for the games is Lusail City and even this city hasn’t been built yet. 

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, you will be more than aware of the strain that our planet is under due to global warming. For years now there have been warnings about how we are destroying the planet, but until recently all of the warnings have pretty much been ignored.  

 Now we can physically see the way in which global warming is affecting the world, with longer summers and melting of the icebergs, it is hard to deny that we don’t have to make changes now. We have all started to do our bit, but the odd house in a random country remembering to turn off their lights before they go to bed isn’t going to cut it.  

 Something that is an absolute fact is that one of the biggest detriments to the Earth is the use of cars, however many people think that driving is a necessary evil in order to make sure that our world is operating in the best way possible.  However, a research firm now has reason to believe that this is not the case and cars will in fact become obsolete soon, but why do they think this?  


One of the main reasons that this firm believes that people will no longer be using cars is due to the fact that the world, in general, has become much more health-conscious. We realized that as a community we spend a lot of time sitting at desks all day, followed by a lot of time sitting in our cars and driving home. Because of this, many people are choosing to pick alternative travel methods. It’s not like people can choose to just not work at a desk anymore, so it means that the cars have to go.  

People are choosing to walk, bike, or bus instead of driving. The amount of people doing this is only increasing every day and this firm predicts that in the next 50 years, we will all be doing it. 

Costs and Complications  

If you are someone that owns a car, you will be more than aware of just how annoying owning a car can be. You have a long list of costs, that vary from your insurance to just general fuel costs. On top of this, you need to sort out your MOT and do a car history check. Cars are also just extremely unreliable and can break down easily and with very little notice. Because of these reasons, many people believe that they are simply not worth keeping and are choosing to use public transport instead, which works out to be a fraction of the cost and is often much more reliable than your standard car.  

Other travel solutions 

Every year, a brand new travel solution hits the market that is more efficient and much cheaper than your standard car. The world is turning electric, which means there has been an increase in smaller electric vehicles being released into the market. Right now there has been a trend of people using electric scooters and bikes to travel. Previously people had chosen not to use these due to them requiring a lot of effort in order to operate.  With the introduction of electric models, they require a lot less effort to use and so they have regained popularity. 

 There have also been advancements in public transport, such as bullet trains. This means public transport is more efficient than it has ever been. With this, more and more people are choosing to use public transport over cars.