If you have spent any time in the public,  then it is likely that you have been hit by the scent of bubblegum or similar sweet flavors clouding you as you go about your daily business. This is of course due to the uprising of vaping enthusiasts all around the world.  

Vaping was introduced in the Early 2000s as a solution to help smokers quit their regular cigarettes, as vaping has fewer life-threatening side effects and is much better for your body. Though vaping was simply introduced as a means to quit smoking, it has now become much more than that. These days many people vape, even if they have never smoked in the past.  People love the flavors that you can enjoy when vaping and the freedom to do it wherever they feel like.  

As vaping has become much more popular, which means that there has been the introduction of vaping conventions. This is the case when anything increases in popularity and gains a large fan base, as people want to discuss all of the new things happening in the world of vape and look at what is to come. There have already been a number of small vaping conventions in various places in the world, but as vaping becomes even more popular, are vaping conventions on the rise? 


Increased fan base 

As I have already stated, more people than ever are vaping. In the past, people were quite skeptical when it came to using vapes, as very little was known about their effects and how they influenced our bodies. Now that they have been on the market for almost two decades, people are now far more accepting of them and that is why their fan base has increased dramatically. 

Much like anything that has a large following, there is then a money-making opportunity. If companies feel as though there is a possibility to cash in on something, then they will do it. Holding conventions means that people who share a common interest, vaping, can get together and talk about something that they love. They can also share stories of how they came to start vaping and any tips they may have in terms of flavors or particular brands that they have found to be quite good. Everyone is looking for the chance to make friends and if you are someone that loves to vape, why not make friends with like-minded individuals that love the exact same thing as you.  For example, something that a lot of vapers are discovering is the use of cbd oil within vapes as a means of relaxation, which is something that may not have been previously known unless someone went to a vape convention and shared their discovery with their fellow vapers.  


Advancements in technology 

When vape pens were first introduced, they were small and cigarette-shaped in order to look as similar as possible to a standard cigarette. They were quite compact so that they were as convenient to carry around a pack of cigarettes so that people would choose to pick them up instead of picking up a pack of cigarettes.  

Today, there is not the same approach when it comes to designing vapes and there have been a lot of innovations in terms of battery life. These innovations when it comes to extending the battery life of vapes mean that the barrel of a vape is much bigger than it used to be.  

Vapers prefer their vapes to have bigger barrels as they have found that in the past the thinner versions of the vape have been much easier to drop, which means that they are much easier to break. Vapes can be extremely expensive and so to avoid this being the case, they have continued to make the vapes bigger as the years go on.  

Vaping conventions give vapers a chance to see what to expect from the new vapes in the upcoming years and what they should look out for, It also gives them a chance to voice their opinions on the brand new designs and let the designers know if they think they will be user friendly or simply popular among vapors. 

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